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Daphne study “Violence Prevention in Educational Institution “Kindergarten” – Present Approaches and Development Possibilities” (2008) gives evidence that also on kindergarten level responses to protect children from specified forms of violence and selective violence prevention measures prevail the systematic, continuous, and sustainable promotion of universal, development-oriented violence prevention.In the kindergarten curricula or frameworks of all countries except Norway, violence prevention plays a minor role. Norwegian “Manifesto against Bullying, Plan of Measures 2006-2008” (2005) is enhancing and complementing Framework Plan for Kindergartens (latest elaboration in March 2006) emphasising the importance of an inclusive environment, the development of social competence through play and learning and employees´ responsibilities for implementation and being a role model. Since 2005 social competence being regarded as basic skill. Kindergartens in Norway are monitored by a governmental/stately body, with regards to the kindergartens’ responsibility in society for the early prevention of discrimination and bullying. However no standardized external or internal assessment tools for Peace Education or Violence Prevention were known in partner kindergartens. It seems that also here standardized instruments are known/used frequently for the assessment of special needs but not for the assessment of everyday kindergarten work.

Based on UN Decade for the Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World in 2005 Spain has introduced an innovative legislation regarding peace education, the Act on the Promotion of Education and a Culture of Peace. Among others 2005 Act lays ground for the promotion of national and local curricula, at all levels of the education system in accordance with a Culture of Peace, collaboration with the United Nations in the promotion of specialised universities for peace, production of textbooks, materials and audiovisual programmes oriented to encourage values of non-violence, tolerance, democracy, solidarity, and justice. In 2006 Spanish Act on Education was introduced emphasizing the importance of education in terms of the full development of a student’s personality related to democratic principles and education for all, supporting education on the prevention of conflict and peaceful resolution as well as non-violence, in all areas of personal, family and social life and the development of equality between women and men.

Overview on legislation regarding peace education & violence prevention in kindergartens from Daphne study “Violence Prevention in Educational Institution “Kindergarten” – Present Approaches and Development Possibilities” (2008): pdf. Chart